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Raise Capital for Your Business: 9 Tips for Entrepreneurs


Quotes from REES Capital founder and managing partner, Amy Rees Anderson

"There is very little in life as invigorating as watching great ideas be brought to life. There is an energy that exudes from entrepreneurs who are passionate about their idea that can light up an entire room," says Amy Rees Anderson founder and managing partner of REES Capital. The following tips from Amy's blog on will help you—the entrepreneur—stand out to business investors as you work to raise capital for your business so it can be funded and grow.

  1. Keep your presentation clean and simple. "Slide one of any presentation should include the burning questions that every investor in the room is hear. [This] will allow them to sit back and genuinely enjoy the rest of your presentation."
  2. Develop the story behind the idea. "Hearing the personal story behind any business idea really helps to draw an investor in emotionally, and it helps to illustrate the need your product can solve in a very personal way, thus making you stand out from the others."
  3. Be confident, not arrogant. "That is a unique combination in an entrepreneur and one that always stands out to me as 'one to watch' for greatness to be achieved."
  4. Be optimistic, but realistic. "Go in with an optimistic attitude about your idea, but don't wait for the investor to start poking holes in your presentation with all the 'what ifs.' Instead, take the lead and before they can ask...."
  5. Disrupt the market. "...couple existing technologies in a new and disruptive way [to] create a paradigm shift..."
  6. Create a positive social impact. "Coming up with a concept that will make money and change the world for the better is a true home run in my book."

Additional Tips for Entrepreneurs:

  1. There's no perfect time to start, so just get started now. "Don't wait until your ideas are perfected. Don't wait until you have every little kink worked out or every little question answered. Just start."
  2. Enlist the help of others. "Alone, our individual talents are powerful, but when combined with others unique talents, they can become unstoppable. Every great business idea or invention is the product of worthwhile talent, but it takes a team with many different talents to bring those ideas to fruition."
  3. Learn to trust people with experience. "Seek advice of those who have been there and done it firsthand. Because no amount of research or studies or endorsements can ever hold up to someone who has actually been there and done it for themselves."

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Quotes originally posted on adVentures of a Super Angel, a weekly blog written by Amy Rees Anderson and published on written for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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